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What I Love about the South

Having grown up in Texas, I love this:  Their city underwater and possibly joining Atlantis for eternity, the Superdome looking like the Kingdome, the newspapers flooded out of their offices, with no power and no printing presses, probably operating out of a Motel 6 somewhere, the New Orleans Times-Picayune still has time to address life's essentials -- How ARE the Saints going to stop the run this year? (posted at 8:50 PM Tuesday)

One of the major on-field concerns for the Saints is to figure out how to stop the run. Off the field reports of major flooding back home occupied the thoughts of many of the Saints players Tuesday in the second day of practice at San Jose State.

Going into Thursday's preseason finale against the Oakland Raiders, the Saints have allowed a whopping 535 yards on the ground in the first three exhibitions with a staggering 6.7 yards per carry for opponents.

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