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Great Shirt Outlet

This is so wildly out of character for me that I have a hard time believing I am posting on it, but I have come to like many of the more casual shirts made by Robert Talbott.  He also seems to have a lot of nice dress shirts and ties, but since I don't wear suits and ties any more, I do not pay them much attention.

Anyway, when we were on the Monterrey peninsula last week, my wife and I found the Robert Talbott outlet in Carmel Valley Village (inland of Carmel).  Most all the $250 shirts were $49 and the ties seemed similarly discounted.  Cool.  Also, they have a large selection of fabrics in the back that you can get shirts custom made.   I don't care for wine much, but my wife is also a fan of his Chardonnay, which he makes a few blocks away.

By the way, here are a couple of Monterrey pix:




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