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TJIC, who really is a terrific up and coming libertarian-ish blogger, writes:

But in the short term, I’d like to thank the three B-list bloggers who have so kindly linked to this humble Z-list blog multiple times:

B-list?  I guess I will accept that, as long as I can be in the same category as one of my favorite actresses, queen of the B-movies Sybil Danning.  I am also consoled that just after Sports Illustrated called Mark O'Meara the "king of the B's", he proceeded to win two majors in the same year.

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I meant B-list in the best possible way! A list is Insty, Mickey Kaus, Kos, and other folks with a bazillion page hits a day. B list are the other stars, but the ones who don't get referenced in the NYT every week.

Posted by: TJIC | May 26, 2007 5:44:49 PM

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