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Observation on Norton Security

I just bought a new Fujitsu Lifebook P8010  (which I love).  It came installed with a 90-day trial for Norton security suite.  Here is my observation on Norton:  It is hard for me to imagine a piece of spyware or malware that puts as many spam messages on the screen, exhibits so many bad behaviors, or is so hard to remove as Norton itself.  In the middle of a 30-minute task that was within 30 seconds of completion, Norton just rebooted my computer for some reason.  It spams me with messages every startup, keeps adding its own toolbar to my browser, and I am having a terrible time getting it off my computer.   Norton is perhaps the worst spyware I have ever had on a computer.  Except maybe for the McAfee trial version on my last laptop. 

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"I disagree. The better statement would be 'Both are just like using leeches to treat a cold.'"

I disagree. The better statement would be "Both are just like sucking on a raw sewage line while repeatedly hitting yourself in the groin with a sledgehammer to treat a cold."

Posted by: ErikTheRed | Mar 5, 2008 1:49:11 PM

Mac mac mac mac wonderful mac

turn it on and get this, here it comes, it works.

two years later, yep you guessed it, still works.

Posted by: daren | Mar 6, 2008 4:38:34 AM

It doesn't run AutoCAD. Macs are for kids.

Posted by: Billy Beck | Mar 6, 2008 5:08:24 AM

Warren, not to add to the pile-on, but avoid Symantec at all costs. Buying Symantec is like paying admission to a S&M dungeon.

The best anti-malware for Windows is to not run as the admin.

Posted by: JW | Mar 6, 2008 5:42:18 AM

AVG Plus, thumbs up!!

One thing I hated about Symantec/Norton was it was impossible to treat those MicroSoft programs that acted like spyware as they deserved. Symantec help me stop Microsoft from stealing my information? Nah, they be buds.

Posted by: John | Mar 7, 2008 4:59:50 AM

I am in network and support business for 18 years and was a huge fan of Norton products for about 15 years. Their products have gotten so bloated and centric they should be outlawed. Have seen new systems completely destroyed by installation of Norton Internet Security.

Use AVG Internet Security from Grisoft or pc-Cillin from Trend Micro.They play nice with other products and don't hog or take over your system. They do the job well and cost half as much as Norton. I use AVG for my own systems.

Posted by: Winston | Mar 7, 2008 5:16:53 AM

I refuse to ever use Norton again. It slowed my brand new computer to a crawl and was nearly impossible to remove.

Posted by: Mike | Mar 7, 2008 6:16:13 PM

The fundamental problem with AV/AS products is that the paradigm is backwards. Rather than assume all programs (except for the "bad" ones) should be allowed to run, we really need a "whitelist" model where *all* programs, except for the items explicitly given permission, are prevented from executing.

There are a few security companies starting to offer products using that model, but the primary problem there is trying to decided (especially for non-tech-savvy users) which executable files constitute the "good" ones.

Hopefully, as the industry moves to "cloud computing", we can avoid a lot of this by going to stripped-down "webtop" systems with a minimal OS (kernel, network stack, display manager) and a browser front-end to Google, Yahoo, etc.

Posted by: eCurmudgeon | Mar 8, 2008 10:52:43 AM

i hate norton i have had norton for five years!!!!!!!!!!!! so please help me get rid of norton!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

Posted by: catherine | May 10, 2008 6:38:45 AM

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