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Obama's Campaign Against Individualism

I am becoming convinced that the frequent discussion of "diversity" among the leftish elite is really a mask for the fact that true diversity is in fact what they want to avoid.  By defining diversity along the least meaningful lines - e.g. skin color and type of genitalia - they mask the fact that what leftish technocrats hate the most is variation in thought.  After all, why have we been spending all that money on government schools all these years if it wasn't to generate such conformity? 

Michael Young sees Obama's recent anti-flyover-country snobbery in the same light:

While Obama is indeed engaging in spin, there is a far more disturbing aspect to his interpretation. He misses the essential nature of modern culture. People don't end up focusing on issues like the right to bear arms, gay marriage, faith-based and family-based issues, and the like, because of bitterness against Washington or a sense that they can't effect change there. People focus on these issues because modern American political culture is, effectively, about subcultures, variety, pursuing parochial aims, and shaping one's identity and personal agendas independently of the state. 

What Obama implicitly regards (in both his statements) as signs of disintegration, as reflections of popular frustration, are in fact examples of a thriving culture. Exceptions to this, of course, are anti-immigration sentiment and bigoted protectionism, both of which Obama conveniently dropped in his Indiana comments. Yet Obama's approach betrays a very suffocating vision of the state as the be-all and end-all of political-cultural behavior. Outside the confines of the state there is no salvation, only resentment. This is nonsense, but it also partly explains why Obama is so admired among educated liberals, who still view the state as the main medium of American providence.

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Diversity should be a means to an end...Not an end in and of itself...Look at our National Sports for example. The fact that all races and creeds have the opportunity to play football, basketball, baseball and the like is important for a nation which values equality, fairness and diversity...The fact that the NBA is perhaps 90% black or African American is the end result of fair competition. Diversity was the means but not the end...Mandating diversity such as in the numbers of doctors, lawyers, government employees or college students of a particular ethnic or religious group throws out fairness and equality in pursuit of diversity. Diversity becomes the end in itself. In this way, diversity merely becomes a political tool to support respective "unions" of ethnic or religious groups...Political leaders like Obama should be recognized for what they are...Union leaders for their flavor of constituents.

Posted by: Scott Wiggins | Apr 13, 2008 11:14:18 AM

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