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Why You Seldom See Me In My Own Comment Threads

A reader asks:

I enjoy reading your Coyote and Climate Skeptic blogs, thanks for hosting them! I am curious why you don't take part in the comments that rage over many of your postings.

There are several reasons.  First, I usually feel that I have said what I have to say in a particular post.  I enjoy reading the comments, but don't have a strong need to correct or combat those who misinterpret or disagree with me.  I learn from comments and try to make my arguments more bullet-proof in the future.  Second, I find it infinitely more powerful if my reader base makes the rebuttals for me.

Third, and most importantly, I just don't have the time.  Way back when, I used to get sucked into all kinds of chat-room flame wars.  It is just way to time-consuming.  Even blogging itself takes more time than I really should commit to an activity that does nothing to advance the well-being of my family or my business.  There is a person I consider an online friend (I have never met him in person) who writes a climate blog and gets sucked into the flame wars on his blog, and it seems to cause him all kinds of stress. 

This cartoon from XKCD seems appropriate as a summation:


So, if I do not respond to your critiques in the comment thread, do not assume that your wit and eloquence have silenced me.  I am probably waiting to re-post on the subject in the future.  Just because you don't yet feel anything nibbling on your legs does not mean that the fin swimming around you in the water is going to go away peacefully.

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Well, if you're not going to comment here, I don't think I will either. :-p

Posted by: KJ | Apr 27, 2008 8:40:40 PM

That's just wrong.

Posted by: robert | Apr 27, 2008 8:45:18 PM

I do not expect you to answer any comments, because it's too much work and most people's minds can't be changed. I do hope that you read them, otherwise I can't even entertain the illusion that my wit and eloquence have silenced you, and that would be dispiriting.

Posted by: Noumenon | May 2, 2008 4:40:59 AM

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