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Dodging Socialization

Lots of new blog posts today.  The reasons is that I am in introvert's bliss, dodging the requirement to stand by my wife at reunions and be introduced to a lot of people I don't know and don't really know how to begin talking to.  So I have retreated to the Vassar library, a beautiful example of college Gothic, with my kids.   The only small problem I have is that I think some parents need to teach their kids better library manners.  Lots of kids dumped here in the library today, and teenagers are all around my watching YouTube with the sound turned way up and talking loudly about what they are seeing.  However, having avoided all social interaction, I am resisting the downward spiral into grumpy-old-man land by not snapping at the kids around me.

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It was that noisy some nights when you had a paper due the next morning, before the advent of the internet.

You may be dodging socialization, but you’re in the belly of the beast of socialism.

Posted by: Mesa Econoguy | Jun 8, 2008 8:04:25 AM

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