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New Typepad Editor Bugged

For some reason, Typepad put one of my blogs (but not my others) on a new editor, probably as an involuntary beta.  The new editor is much, much slower, and has fatal bugs that make use of images in posts virtually impossible.  I have wasted a lot of time today.

This is actually a problem with online applications I had not considered before.  When I heard iTunes 8 was initially bugged or learned to hate Vista, I would just avoid making the "upgrade."  But with online services, I have no choice but to accept the new version, even if I consider it worse (as is so often the case nowadays in software).

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Welcome to the Brave New World of central control.

"We will do what we think is good for you, whether you agree or not, and whether it is or not."

"Resistance is futile, ..."

Posted by: Larry Sheldon | Oct 22, 2008 1:43:56 PM

"as is so often the case nowadays": young people roll their eyes when one says "nowadays".

Posted by: dearieme | Oct 22, 2008 4:43:15 PM

Well, you always have the option of having your own installation on your own server space, but you obviously have to pay for the effort and lose economies of scale.

Blogging software services have become a commodity; but certain configuration changes -- eg, requiring modules that can't be installed on a per-user basis, or certain hosting configurations -- require a disproportionately large effort or fee.

In other words: thank God the government isn't involved (yet).

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 23, 2008 2:33:48 PM

I agree. We have this issue on the ballot here in Ohio. It's interesting because people are saying limit interest rates on payday loans, but yet bring a casino into the state to bring in tax dollars. HMMM, so yes limit people's ability to get a short-term loan paying $15 in interest for a 2 week loan on $100, but by all means, let them gamble their money away.

Posted by: Susy | Oct 24, 2008 6:37:08 AM

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